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Speaking Venues (short list)
  • Pomona Equine Affaire
  • Ohio Equine Affaire
  • Kentucky Equine Affaire 
  • Massachusetts Equine Affaire
  • Hoosier Horse Fair
  • AmeriEqineFestival of the Horse
  • World Horse Exposition
  • Southern States Livestock and Rural Enforcement Association Conference
  • Black Ha;wk College
  • Womens Horse Industry  Association
  • Lynn Palm's "Women Luv Horses" ,Expo
  • Foothills Trails District Heighborhood Council
  • Blue Ridge Horsemen's Association
  • Johnson's Milling & Feed, Inc.
  • Equifest Kansas
  • NATRC National Convention
  • Alabama Horse Fair
  • Florida Equestrian Celebration 
  • Florida Equine Capital Horse Exposition
  • Virginia Equine Extravaganza
  • NC Equine Extravanganza
  • Tidewater Horse Council
  • Equestrian Ministries International Spring Conference
  • Southern States HOSS Seminar
  • NATRC National Convention
  • Backwoods Country Horseman's Association
  • Virginia Equestrian Event East
  • Northern Illinois Horse Fest
  • International Stallion Exhibition and Trade Show  Lansing, MI  
  • Tennessee Volunteer Horse Fair
  • Carolina Classic Horse Expo
  • Southern Horse Festival

Debi Metcalfe in Print Meduims
  • Dressage Today 
  • Horse and Rider 
  • Western Horseman
  • United States Pony Club News 
  • Equus
  • The Paint Horse Journal 
  • Paint Horse Connection
  • The Quarter Horse Journal -  America' Horse
  • Practical Horseman
  • The Gaited Horse Magazine  (On cover Winter addition 2006)
  • Horse Illustrated Livestock Magazine 
  • Horse Illustrated
  • The Yankee Pedlar
  • Natural Horse Magazine 
  • Hoofbeats Magazine 
  • The Voice
  • ShowLife Magazine
  • The Angelos
  • The Charlotte Observer, Shelby Star and many newspapers across the country
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Every horse has a story and Debi is the one that tells them.
Book Author
  • Horse Theft. Been There--Done That  - Sold Out

  • Equestrian Social Media Awards! Stolen Horse International-- lBest Use of Social Media in North America”
  • Equestrian Social Media Awards! Stolen Horse International -- Top 3 for “Best Use of Social Media by aCharity and Best Use of Facebook.”
  • National Collegiate Kappa Delta Sorority's Awe Inspiring Woman over 50
  • NCHC Grant for Stolen Horse International

  • FOX TV's America's Most Wanted
  • PBS Radio's Weekend America Show
  • Horses in the Morning
  • RFDTV's - HorseCityTV segments
  • Best of America by Horseback Radio
  • Best of America RFDTV show
  • Rick Lambe Show
  • Speaking of Horses TV/Radio
  • Jim Campbell Show
  • Lisa Ross-Williams "If Your Horse Could Talk" show 
Never underestimate the power of one bringing horses home.